Yaxley Festival 2017

Wow! Young Technicians proudly supported this event and what an event this was to be part of!

The Festival

Yaxley Festival attracted over 25,000 visitors throughout the 3 days showcasing 40 bands across 2 stages. With bands such as Austin Gold, Children of the Revolution, Buster James, 4th Labyrinth and many more. Supported by TV and film star Warwick Davis this was not a small project.

Yaxley Festival 2017
Yaxley Festival 2017 | Copyright Yaxley Festival 2017
Young Technicians enjoying their break!

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Our Involvement

Young Technicians were involved right from the planning stage of the festival with a couple students attending the weekly ‘focus’ meeting. Those students gained first hand experience at the extent of work that goes on to put on a large scale event; from obtaining event licences from the council, to ensuring the smallest of details are looked after – such as litter management.

Our Dedication

Young Technicians were onsite for a whole 7 days to ensure the site was prepared overseeing the logistical management of the site. For example the arrival of all 3 generators, miles of heras fencing, the Main Stage and the Big Top Stage. We also rigged the Big Top Stage and the Community Tent, and ran power cables around the site.

Young Technicians and Warwick Davies
Young Technicians showing patron Warwick Davies around

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Young Technicians during their briefing!

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The Opportunities: Main Stage

During the event, our Young Technicians rotated around many roles giving them many opportunities to enhance their experience. On the main stage, there was an opportunity to be stage crew on the main stage! They worked along side the professional stage manager and liaising directly to the sound engineer.

The Opportunities: Big Top Stage

In the big top stage, our students took this a project and completely ran this stage! With opportunities such as the lighting designer, sound engineer, artist liaison, stage manager and stage crew. Our students took this in to their own with smiles all around from the audience and us!

Young Technicians running the sound and lights pausing for a photo opportunity!

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Young Technician providing a close up of the food!

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The Opportunities: Community Tent

There were also opportunities in the community tent, with roles such as a camera man providing close ups throughout the day.



We have a quote below from Daniel who rotated as a lighting engineer and stage crew. He also got to do the lights on the main stage!

"I have worked on the Yaxley Festival for two years and both were great experiences. In 2016, I was stage crew and this was a really relaxed and enjoyable weekend out. This year, I totally designed all of the lighting for the second stage – the biggest festival I had ever worked on! It was great to have the experience to run a stage totally ourselves and exposed us to other industry professionals. Over on the main stage, I had the opportunity to meet and work with Adam Barthorpe, the lighting designer for Steve Aoki and Avicii. This was extremely valuable – meeting an industry professional and he even allowed me to do the lighting for a set! This experience was amazing, both for its enjoyability and it being another taste of what being in the industry is like."
Young Technician

See below various pictures from Yaxley Festival

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Yaxley Festival 2017
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Wow! Young Technicians proudly supported this event by providing their services and what an event this was to be part of! Want to find out more? Click here!
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