Aladdin Panto 2017 – The Broadway Theatre

A Whole New World of panto excitement coming to Young Technicians!


Firstly congratulations to all of the cast, crew and Young Technicians for completing the panto run at the Broadway Theatre. What an incredible experience it is for these young people to work with a professional theatrical production company,  at one of the biggest theatres in East Anglia.

Cast and Crew of Aladdin

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Young Tech turning around the show in between performances

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Our Involvement

Our Young Technicians have done us proud – again! From liaising with the production team discussing their requirements, to assisting the get in/out of the theatre, to being stage crew on the night! Our Young Tech’s had a great oppertunity to get stuck in, working along side proffessionals.

The Commitment

The Young Technicians were committed, not only for the show run, but also for the rehearsals prior to the show call. Young Tech’s were on hand to fix any last minute problems, micing up the cast and going through the pre-show checks with the Stage Manager.


We have a quote below from the Assistant Stage Manager speaking about one of our Young Tech’s, Hannah.

Young Tech working along side the Lighting Designer
Young Tech working along side the Lighting Designer at the Panto

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"I worked with Hannah on a production of Aladdin. Hannah was always extremely helpful and willing. She also displayed potential as a future stage manager seeing problems ahead of time and offering solutions."
Assistant Stage Manager
Aladdin 2017
Aladdin -  Panto 2017
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Aladdin - Panto 2017
A Whole New World of panto coming to Young Technicians! Congratulations to all of the cast and crew for completing the panto run at the Broadway Theatre.
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